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20 Dec

We want to say a huge Thank You to many, many people who helped us with Vaudevival: Old is the new New in the past year, but this post is a special Thank You to Kickstarter supporters!  CDs are in the mail, T-shirts are in the works, Thank Yous have been posted on Twitter and Facebook, and now:

Thank You, Ruby Ross!  You can check out Ruby’s cool projects at: www.facebook.com/rubyrossmusic – she has done amazing work like Ashpet, an Appalachian Cinderella Story, definitely keep your eye on this one!  We met long ago in Carmel Tighe’s Irish step dance class in Charlottesville, VA.  Thanks for staying in touch and supporting out work!

Thank You, Lauren Withhart!  Lauren is a super-skilled and hilarious dance artist and educator in Baltimore, MD, and you can find information on her company at: http://www.withhartdanceprojects.com.  Now is a good time for a year-end, tax deductible contribution as well;)!  Lauren and I were in the same M.F.A. program at UMD, and shared an office!  Thanks for sharing precious resources and supporting our work!

Thank You, Ben Power!  Ben plays traditional Irish music and performs and teaches Irish sean nos dancing.  Funnily enough, he taught us old style Irish set dance The Priest and His Boots, back at Patrick Olwell’s house in Afton, VA, years ago!  We just re-learned it this summer at the Swannanoa Gathering’s Celtic Week with Ben’s student Elaine.  So you have supported us in more ways than one!  Check out Ben’s projects and teaching schedule at: www.benpower.info

Thank You, David Klinger!  It’s exciting that we’ve never met, and still you found and supported our Kickstarter campaign!  I feel that we are now “art friends” and hope we can meet sometime soon.  Your website has  really lovely animation and dreamy piano music.  Everyone should check it out: http://www.frauevamusic.com/

Thank You, Fred Hicks!  Fred has what appears to be a dream job, designing games from home for his own business Evil Hat Productions.  Now, after you get over the initial hatred caused by your own not-designing-games-at-home-job-havingness, check out his website, http://www.evilhat.com/home/, including the fact that HE is running an AMAZINGLY SUCCESSFUL Kickstarter campaign right now also: http://www.evilhat.com/home/fate-core-kickstarter-launches/.  Deep breaths can stifle more surges of resentment, and then think about contributing to his campaign, cause this guy has obviously got it goin’ on.  And his family is awesome too, they go to school with our daughter Lydia at the Purple Birdhouse School (i.e. the Takoma Park Cooperative Nursery School).

Thank You, Leela Grace!  Leela is a lovely musician and singer/songwriter who also performs with her also lovely sister Ellie Grace.  We never miss a chance to see these hilariously charming ladies in concert, and neither should you!  Leela plays and teaches in Portland, OR, so if you’re on the West Coast look for her banjo-playing, dancing, singing antics.  They also tour the country, so see when they’re coming near your town!  Check out their duo at: http://www.leelaandelliegrace.com

Thank You, Lucy Goldberg!  We don’t have a website for you, but we want to give you a special shout out anyway.

There are two other friends who volunteered to video record our show, and I’d like to thank them here:

Thank You, Valerie Durham!  Valerie and I were also together in the Dance MFA program at University of Maryland, College Park.  Valerie is a strikingly beautiful Duncan dancer, and her website is: http://www.duncandancers.com.  She also just opened a school you can find at www.duncanschool.com – Valerie is an invaluable resource to the local DC dance community, writing thoughtful and well-researched articles, giving workshops, organizing events, and dancing out as a truly inspiring performer.  I recommend her classes for a non-neurotic approach to dance for children.

Thank You, James Durham!  James is an incredibly creative writer, composer and producer, and he does so many different things that it’s difficult to summarize him into one little box.  If you like music and sci-fi/fantasy/zombies/undead being – and really, who is uncool enough to say they don’t like zombies and vampires these days – check out his website at: http://www.jamesdurham.com/