ACT 9: A Tantalizing Tale of Time-Traveling Treason

Where did they come from, where are they going?

Choreography by: Emily Oleson, solos by performers

Performance by: Raha Behnam, Michele Chia, Chelsea Freeman, Adrian Galvin,
Marianne Goris, Ashley Haymaker, Shanna Lim, James Maisu, Catherine
Marafino, Emily Oleson, Matthew Olwell, Che Shebazz, Amy Scheer, Connor Voss, David Yates

Music performance: Common featuring Jill Scott and The New Band

Music composition: “I am Music” by Ahmir Thompson, Dawn Thompson,
James Poyser, Lonnie Lynn, J. Yancey, Pino Palladino, Jeff Lee Johnson, Jill Scott

A modern urban folk dance with references to Busby Berkley?

watch around 1:00-2:00

oh, yeah.

Thank you my dear friend Rachel Bowman (a fascinating artist/philosopher in her own right working on her Ph.D. on the rhetoric of reconciliation) for introducing me to the music of Common, probably my (and definitely my daughter Lydia’s) favorite mc – this track was on a mixtape she gave me years and years ago, and I had always fantasized about using it for a dance.

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