Wanting to listen . . .

22 Oct

Thank you so much to everyone involved in Vaudevival: Old is the new New (and there were a lot of them), for such a great show this weekend!  I am super happy with both the process and the product!!!  I am so humbled that so many people have taken time to do this work with me!

In the post-show Q&A last night, I mentioned an idea that’s been bubbling under the surface of my consciousness for a while, but had never quite found a way to articulate before.  I talked about dance as a form of communication, which is not my original idea, but then I realized that talking/expressing yourself is only HALF of true communication.  There must also be listening/receiving.  And how do we embody that listening?  Must it be still?  Can it be danced?  Can I dance alliance with someone?  Solidarity?  The intention for alliance and solidarity?

I am in a listening place right now, and invite you to comment on the show or this research!  Each Act in the show has it’s own page, and I will be putting up and improving other pages soon – let me know if there are particular questions and I’ll speed that info along!

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